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Established in 2021, The Mellow Mug is Bedford's local stopping place for 'craft' coffee and fresh-baked goodness. Whether you're popping by the drive-thru for a latte and a delicious cinnamon roll or meeting friends for a soup and sandwich, there's something for everyone at The Mellow Mug. Including a daily selection of yummy gluten-free and vegan options that sell out as fast as we can make them.

Owned and operated by Marquessa Cook, who is often behind the counter rolling out dough or brewing a Mellow Yellow latte. Marquessa grew up serving and baking in her grandmother's Cape Breton cafe before moving to Halifax and honing her barista skills at a downtown coffee shop for nearly ten years. All the while dreaming of opening her own shop, which finally came to fruition with the launch of The Mellow Mug!

Come say hi and enjoy a cozy cup of coffee and some fresh-baked eats and sweets.

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